Ed Camp and Professional learning reflection

Today in class, we had our own in class Ed Camp. In our Ed camp, we had the option of 4 different categories to discuss in groups:

  • Outdoor learning environments
  • Special ED
  • Are we being too accommodating for kids? Is discomfort always a bad thing?
  • Assessment

I chose to discuss the topic “are we being too accommodating for kids? Is discomfort always a bad thing?” My peers and I discussed a lot about whether or not we as teachers should say “no” to students. A lot of people believe that there should be no negativity or discouragement in a classroom. I do not think saying no is always representing discouragement, if it is unsafe to the student or their peers. Additionally, we talked about how sometimes pushing students toward an area of discomfort is sometimes necessary, however, it also can push certain students over the edge. In our group we came to a conclusion that there is never a “right” answer to a question or situation. You need to grow as a classroom and get to know each student and understand what each student can handle.

I would use an Ed Camp style of learning in my classroom. I think it is important for students to learn from their peers and I think the perfect way to do so is through the use of conversing about controversial topics. I think in my classroom I would do so in a more formal way (with younger students) to ensure students are on task the whole time without getting distracted and veering the conversation in other directions. I really liked how we had the opportunity to choose which topic we wanted to talk about, instead of being forced upon a topic we were not interested in. I think my future students would also appreciate this little bit of freedom.


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