Video Conferencing

Today we had a video conference with Ian Landy. He is the principal at a school in Powell River. He talked to us about e-portfolios and how they are really helpful in the learning journey of students. He discussed how it is important to assess creative thinking however it is hard to do so in a traditional report card, which is why e-portfolios are such a great tool. E-portfolios are are great example of formative feedback and ensuring we are documenting student learning.

He spoke about the 2 stars, 1 wish way of evaluating when it comes to student writing. This is so that we are not barging on student creativity however still giving them useful feedback. I really liked this idea.

The video conferencing lab we were in was very cool. The cameras moved around based on who was speaking the loudest which was a very innovative piece of technology that I’ve never seen or used before. The timing of the video chat was very precise and it never buffered in or out.

Overall, this was a great overall video conferencing experience. I learned a lot from Ian Landy!


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