Reviewing a classroom blog

I am reviewing Ms. Cassidy’s classroom blog. On the right hand side of the blog there is a column with each students name and a tab linking it to their “learning”. I think this is a really good idea so that parents have a way to feel included in their children’s learning and feel updated and aware of what their kids are up to in a day. Each tab has photos of students work, videos and a little write up that is titled “about the blogger”. I really like this idea for parental involvement and also for the student’s to feel that their work is relevant and important. However, I hope that the teacher received consent from each student’s parent to release their work and their names onto the internet for anyone to see.

Throughout the blog, there are many pictures of students working, playing and socializing. I think this is a great way for not only parents to understand and view the work being done in the classroom, but also other teachers. I think this blog is a great ressource for other teachers to get ideas, learn classroom management skills, accumulate tips etc. from a well-known and experienced teacher. Throughout the blog, she posts about different activities and units her class has done. I really like the way she explains each activity and unit. If a unit is varied over a couple weeks, she continues to blog about it as it happens, which is a great tool to document each activity she plans and how they turned out for future reference.

Lastly, I think the way she has formatted her blog makes it really easy for her to document students learning come report card season. She has a tab for each learner where she has documented all their work throughout the year. If she is unsure or weary about anything she can easily look back and review each students work. Additionally, it is easy for her to talk to parents about student’s work because she has everything organized and ready if anyone has questions.

The only aspect of this blog I am weary about is having so much exposure for her students within the blog post. Though, she most likely received consent from parents, I think she could have exposed children less to the internet. When taking photos, it could have been done in a way where the children’s faces are less visible, full names were not used etc.

Overall, GREAT edublog!

Link to Ms. Cassidy’s blog:


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