Music Midterm

Originally, I wanted to learn how to play the Piano Man on my recorder. Inez had brought to my attention that this would be difficult to achieve because of the notes and bases needed to play Piano Man. I further looked into performing it on my recorder and realized that with my small amount of musical experience, it would be very hard to achieve. I decided to learn Happy Birthday. Originally, I thought it would not be extremely challenging, because it seems like such a simple song. However, as I started practicing, I realized that so much matters on such a simple instrument. My finger placement, how hard I am pushing down on the holes, making sure all the holes are covered, how hard I blow, etc. All these little things proved to make a huge difference. I think for me, my biggest struggle was learning the fingering and switching from each notes quick enough.

I learned the first half of Happy Birthday, and though this does not seem like much, it was a huge challenge for me. I was never very musically talented and struggled my way through band and choir lessons. Though it is not perfect, I am excited to keep progressing and learn the rest of the song!


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