Review of Anne Michealsons blog

In search of the answer for what makes a good classroom blog, I did some web surfing to find a classroom blog that stuck out to me as special. I stumbled upon Ann Michaelsen’s blog, Connected Teaching and Learning. Ann Michaelsen is an administrator, teacher, and author who is teaching high-school in Norway. Her blog is interesting for many reasons which I will discuss below.

She blogs about her own learning. Posts discuss articles and educational resources.

On her blog, Ann Michaelsen regularly blogs about any interesting, educational, or education related articles that she reads. These articles, and her own thoughts and learning, regarding current events and education are available for parents and students to read themselves.

It is a classroom blog hub used to share lesson plans, resources, and assessment tools.

Among her posts, Ann shares her lesson plans and resources and discusses the reasoning for those lessons. As an example, here is a sample of one of her lesson plans:


Her blog is a “parent” blog for her student’s blogs.

On the right hand side of Ann’s blog, there is a list of her students names that are hyperlinked to the student’s own blogs. This means that parents and students can go on to Ann’s blog, view all of the coming up events, resources and materials, as well as read about the learning from the student’s perspectives. Parents can see what their children are learning about, and students can see what their peers are blogging about and read materials and resources from their teacher.

Her blog acts as a classroom blog hub to further parent and student learning, as well as a space to further her own professional development.

As I have mentioned, Ann’s blog includes lesson plans and resources for students and parents, and is a home blog for her student’s blogs. However, as much as her blog acts as a classroom blog, it is also a space for her to share things with others in her line of work and further her professional and personal development. Ann regularly blogs about staff development and shares resources meant for other staff and administrators.

Overall, Anne Michaelsen’s blog is a hot spot for educators, students, parents, and the community, and is a very well rounded blog that is designed for many different and beneficial purposes. As a young educator I would highly recommend checking out this blog!


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