Rich McCue

Sketch notes: Rich visual notes, written on paper

Why would sketch noting make people recall better?

  • the summarization
  • They process lecture content at shallower levels therefore remember less
  • Active summarizing helps transfer things from short term memory to long term memory
  • Sketch noting engages your whole mind, helps with concentration, creates a visual map, taps your visual imaging, can be fun and fulfilling!

The Sketch noting process:

Different patterns (arrows etc.) whatever is meaningful to you. where the handouts are located! We worked on sketch noting and how to quickly draw some common doodles that are handy for sketch noting. This was the first time I used GAFE and it was really interesting. It was super helpful because all the information we need was readily available and there was an easy and logical place to view everything.

Twine: Put together story line with different endings and different pathways.

Interactive stories

Sketch noting in class with Rich McCue

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