What are some things that make a good classroom blog?

To ensure a good classroom blog, you should incorporate the following:

  • Ensure quality content
  • The blog should act as an extension of the classroom. Make sure this interaction between the digital learning environment and your classroom is understood by your students.
  • Takes into account a students safety- the classroom blog has minimal exposure of students and has parental consent for any work, photos or videos being uploaded to the platform.
  • An easy way to access the blog to ensure ongoing interactions between students, parents and the teacher.
  • Use the blog to create cross-curricular connections for students: EX) When viewing how many viewers have seen the blog, create a social studies/math unit graphing the viewers and where they are geographically.
  • Model the blogging process for your students- make sure you are showing students how to leave a safe digital footprint on the internet.
  • Ensure your classroom blog is documenting your students learning throughout the year and your classroom activities so that students and families have a platform to refer to.


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