Music Final

My greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is I am very un biased in different types of music. I have an appreciation for where different types of music comes from and how it affects different people in different ways. I am really open to learning and understanding how children react to music and how this can affect their schemas. I can use this skill to teach music and help students gain experience and knowledge through the arts.  When I think of myself as a future educator teaching music, I am nervous because I do not have the largest musical background. I think that because I am not very musically developed it scares me to have to teach students music. When I was growing up I did not gain very much insight into music. I really want to change that for my future students because I think learning different types of music and appreciating it’s affects is a great skill to have and can help students overcome different adversities if used in multiple ways. My greatest area of growth during this course has been in the area of learning a new skill. At first, I was really hesitant to learn an instrument because I have had many failed attempts in the past. I think that learning this new instrument is more than just playing a song; I feel that I have trained my brain to do something different and that is a skill that is really important and will definitely be helpful in my future.  

For my final, I finished the song Happy Birthday on the recorder. I found the second half of the song really difficult because it switched notes a lot and it was really hard for me to move my fingers from note to note while ensuring the hole was covered entirely, in a timely fashion. Happy Birthday is really high pitched, so I think for the first song I am learning, this was difficult for me. There was many points where I wanted to give up because I was getting frustrated. I am really glad I didn’t because though my finished product is not amazing, I am really proud of my outcome.  Additionally, I realize that my hand placement is wrong, and my hands are upside down. I found that it is easier for me to have my hands placed this way. That is something else I learned about learning a new skill, everyone will have their own ways of doing things and it is all a part of the process.


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